Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yelapa, Mexico: Installment 2 in which we do nothing and love it

Day 1 in Yelapa brought clear skies, warm temperatures, cool water, and cold beer.

Casa de los Sueños is located about halfway between the main beach and the bustling town streets of Yelapa. Note: bustling here is defined as a chaotic plethora of burros, chickens, dogs, cats, and your occasional human. In order to get to the main beach (where we spent the majority of our time) from Casa de los Sueños we had to cross the river. This usually consisted of me hiking my sarong up past my hips in the most ladylike of manners and giving everyone on the river bank a free show. I call this "bathing suit mentality." It doesn't matter how scantily clad you are if that which is scantily covering (or not covering) the body is a bathing suit.

Our first day in Yelapa went as follows: woke up, went to beach, staked out beach chairs in front of one of the many restaurants on the beach, consumed insanely strong margaritas and a few beers, swam, stared, talked, ambled back to our palapa, napped, had dinner at a wonderful little place called Passion Flower Gardens, went to bed. It was extremely stressful, and would not be attempted again till Day 3.

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