Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You should travel to Morocco if you...

1. enjoy the adrenaline rush of narrowly escaping horrific traffic accidents.

2. like cats. Really like cats.

3. want to eat well. Couscous, tagines, fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, delicious pastries. In the words of British guy: Fish straight from the sea. Meat straight from the mountains. --> He insists on being poetic because he's so high-brow.

4. are obsessed (or want to become obsessed) with avocado juice.

5. think toilet paper is superfluous.

6. enjoy 4 lumps of sugar with your espresso.

7. want to climb (or run a marathon up) the highest peak in North Africa.

8. like shopping and haggling.

9. enjoy being hassled by shady men.

10. want to experience a country that is a complex mix of tradition and modernity.

**Back to regular posting on Thursday. Lots of good stories including spontaneously signing up for a marathon and setting up a tent inside of a hotel**

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Anonymous said...

I'm posting a first comment. Follow my lead, it will make Nikki happy :-)

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