Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Le Bonnet de Calvin. Because hiking is fun

When British guy asked if I wanted to go hiking with his friend over the weekend, I was intrigued but also apprehensive.

"Is it a technical hike?"

"Yes, 3 or 4 of you will probably die."

"That sounds right up my alley."

"Ok, I sent an e-mail telling him you would get in contact with him."

"Wait, I have to send him an e-mail?"

"Yes, that's the idea."

"But....but...in French?"

"No, Chinese."

Making dry witty comments seems to be a British national past time.

After stalling for two days I finally worked up the courage to e-mail British guy's friend. You can read about that here.

If I'd known that I was going to have to wake up at 6:00 am, I might not have signed up. Luckily I didn't know that until it was too late to back out. I'm not really a morning person. Or a night person for that matter. I'm more of a middle of the day person.

At 6:00 am I leapt out of bed, excited to start the day. Haha. Yeah right. I hit the snooze button about four times on both of the (count 'em two) alarms that I set. Then I rolled out of bed and proceeded to put my underwear on backwards and my t-shirt on inside out. I'm still working on this whole getting dressed thing.

I staggered out of the apartment with my thermos of tea and made my way onto the tram heading toward the university to meet the rest of the group.

We hiked up to the top of this mountain. It has a name. A very good French name....that I cannot remember. (Edit: I've just been informed that it's Le Bonnet de Calvin. I knew that.)

Wait...we're going up there?! Let me look at the map!

Looking for Mens? Look no further. Ha. Ha. Incidentally I was the only one in the group who found this funny. Where's another native English speaker when you need one?

Some encouragement along the way....

View from just below the summit.

 The last climb up to the summit.

Almost there...

The view.

More view.

The beginning of the descent. The more conventional members of the group elected to walk down. But who wants to be conventional when the alternative is a homemade sled? Yeah. Me neither.

Oh. Sorry. I thought this was the photo shoot for the cover of Outside Magazine.


Should I stop posing now?

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caterpillar said...

Waking up early morning would have been enough encouragement for me to scoot out of the trip...but seems like you had fun.....

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