Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gear: Ski Boots and Socks

After much research I thoughtfully selected my ski boots and favorite ski socks. Ha. Just kidding. I got the boots on Ebay and the socks were a Christmas present.

Nonetheless, I lucked out. And with the ski season coming to an end, thought I'd throw up a few photos of my ski gear. Starting with boots and socks.

You can also check out a piece I wrote for Matador about my skis a few months back.

Darn Tough Vermont Over-the-Calf Cushion Sock:

I, um, only have one pair of ski socks. I dry them out at night, okay?! Ski socks aren't particularly expensive, but they're not cheap either. And as a friend's grandma once told me "It doesn't matter how good the sale is. It's not a bargain if you're broke." Considering I now clip coupons and haggle over being overcharged 49 cents, I'm guessing I fall into that category.

At any rate, these Darn Tough socks were a gift and though most people moan about getting socks from relatives, I was pretty darn excited. Get it? Darn? Darn Tough? Because they're socks. And they're darned. And they're tough. And...


Tough crowd. A Darn Tough crowd. Ok, I'm sorry! I'll stop. These socks are the Darn Tough Vermont Over-the-Calf Cushion Sock. I know that some women get irritated by the array of girly colors offered for most women specific outdoor gear, but I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Darn Tough for making some burly ski socks and coloring them purple. They match my boots and this, for some reason, makes me happy. It's the little things.

Up until I'd gotten ahold of these socks, I'd used some old backpacking socks I found in my sock drawer. Backpacking socks are great for backpacking, but they didn't quite do the trick with my ski boots. These Darn Tough socks are ultra comfortable and come up high enough that they prevent any rubbing from my boots. They also fit really snuggly preventing any weird bunching up or rubbing and they kept my feet nice and warm. I've only worn them one season, but they've held up really well. Not too much pilling and no obvious worn or frayed areas. Also they don't smell that bad after a day of skiing. Well, at least according to British guy who I made sniff them. What? I wasn't going to do it and somebody had to.

They normally retail for $19.95, but you can probably snag them on sale right around now since it's getting toward the end of the season.

I bought these boots on Ebay. I'm not kidding. I scored them a few years ago when I was first thinking about getting into skiing. It was another few years before I actually did hit the slopes so these guys sat on the top closet shelf for quite some time before coming into contact with skis or snow...which means they're probably quite outdated. I lucked out on these guys though. They fit perfectly, are super comfortable while hiking up and offer plenty of support on the descent. Occasionally I find my feet getting a little bit chilly in them after sitting for awhile, but that's rare. 

At any rate, I'm not a ski equipment expert. You may have gathered that I'm not an expert in anything related to skiing except falling. However, I know when I'm comfortable and in these boots, my feet are happy. Well, as happy as they can be when I'm marching them up snowy peak after snowy peak. I have a love-hate relationship with my body, but not with my boots. These boots are at least 4 years old and have seen two seasons of backcountry skiing. Aside from some scratches and normal wear and tear, they seem to be holding up pretty well. My only complaint is that I look like an idiot when I'm trying to walk down stairs in them. Scarpa, can you fix that? Hello? Scarpa? 

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