Friday, May 20, 2011

The Perfect Day: San Francisco

Whenever I head back to my native California, I usually have a list of places that I absolutely have to go to during my few weeks at home. Here is my list for San Francisco.

1. Breakfast. This is a tough one. I have two favorite breakfast joints in the city. The Pork Store Cafe in the Haight and St. Francis Fountain in the Mission.

The Pork Store has a special called "Eggs in a Tasty Nest." It's 2 eggs nestled in a bed of hashed browns with bacon, grilled green peppers, fresh tomatoes, onions & garlic topped with cheddar cheese and served with biscuits. I swoon a little bit every time I have breakfast here. The garlic, the hashed browns, the cheese, the biscuits, the free coffee refills and the line of locals hanging out the doors of this classic café. It's always crammed with people and the place is buzzing with conversation and spoons clinking coffee mugs. I love that sound.

St. Francis Fountain is a classic diner.  Operating since 1918, it's apparently San Francisco's oldest ice cream parlor. Either way, I'm a classic bacon and eggs kind of girl and their bacon is cooked perfectly. The home fried potatoes are great and they have mimosas. And poinsettas (cranberry juice and sparkling wine). I'm just saying.

2. Lunch. 
I miss Mexican food the most when I'm away from home. One of my favorite places for some kickass tacos and quesadillas is La Torta Gorda in the Mission. The tortillas here are mouthwatering and the salsa...amazing. I'd probably have lunch here, take a mural tour of the Mission with mural tours, and then head to Philz for some amazing coffee.

3. Dinner. It's a tie between Burma Superstar and Ti Couz.

Oh Burma Superstar. How I love your tea leaf salad, ginger lemonade beer and mango chicken. How I also love the fact that the Richmond location is right across the street from the Green Apple Bookstore. It's the perfect place to kill an hour or two while you wait for your table at Burma Superstar. They don't take reservations. Or you can head up the street to one of two Irish pubs.

Ti Couz. Word on the street is that this amazing French creperie located in the Mission is closing. However there is some discussion that it's being sold and not completely shut-down so I'm holding out hope. It's cozy, delicious, and the blood orange mimosas are a perfect way to enjoy a lovely San Francisco evening...or morning. Anytime is a good time for a mimosa.

4. Drinks.
The Monk's Kettle in the Mission. Great place for a beer.
The Alembic Bar in the Haight. Great place for a whiskey.

5. Coffee
I'm a coffee shop snob. I admit it. I love coffee shops and can easily spend hours enjoying a delicious latte while taking advantage of the free wi-fi. My absolute favorite coffee shop in SF is Philz in the Mission. They have other locations, but the one in the Mission is my favorite. I'm also a fan of Haus and Sugar Lump. Just down the road. Honestly you can't walk two feet in San Francisco without stumbling across a fantastic coffee shop. These just happen to be the ones I frequent.

My favorite thing to do in San Francisco is usually just walking around. I love hitting up the thrift stores in the Haight and having a picnic in Golden Gate Park (weather permitting...). The Asian Art Museum is one of my favorite museums to go to, but the natural history museum (California Academy of Sciences) is really fun too. 

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The Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy said...

This post makes me very very hungry! I am tired of Italian food and no Asian food that is authentic! Eat some for this skinny marooned semi-Italian please! ciao cat

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